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Biodiversity is biosecurity. Recent advances in science highlight the critical role fungi play in protecting biosecurity. Hence, mycodiversity protects biodiversity. With approximately 10% of mushroom species so far identified, about 15,000 in an estimated population of 150,000, and estimated that mushroom-forming fungi represent only 10% of all fungi in a genome of more than 1,500,000 species, mycology is underfunded, under-utilized, and underestimated, considering their global impact on ecological health. The CEC will help fund young and seasoned mycologists to expand their knowledge of these important organisms.




Our inaugural official first event was to support and participate in the annual MycoBlitz on Cortes Island, BC, Canada where over the course of three days we recorded every species of mushrooms on Sanctuary land. We were able to find >100 species including several that we had not recorded in previous years! Many thanks to the energetic organizing of Sabina and volunteers and to Andy McKinnon , Paul Kroeger and Paul Stamets - wise mycologists leading the group of volunteers on the fungi discovery.

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